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Performance-Based Assessment in PE

Performance-Based Assessment Approaches & Methods: If you wish to get a copy of my prezi presentation, please let me know through “message board”.

Performance- Based Assessmentby performance based assessment, we are referring to assessment activities that directly assess students’ understanding and proficiency. These assessments allow students to construct a response, create a product, or perform a demonstration to show what they understand and can do.

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Adventure Challenge: Learning Journal (Stand Alone)

Ad Challenge

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Reflection: Learning Journal

Learning journal is a powerful tool for learning to empower learners to take charge of their own learning process by reflecting upon it on a regular basis and by assessing their own progress over time.

Students will be provided with a readymade journal template with guide questions for their reflection and self-assessment every after PE session.

Project Assessment: (Health and Fitness)- Integrated Unit- Who We Are


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Central Idea: “The cellular and the genetic composition of living things and the changes that occur at different stages make living organisms unique”.

Summative: Project Assessment: Physical Fitness BrochureStudents will create a brochure to summarize their fitness activities and its impact to body cells, tissue and organs and systems.

Gymnastics – Grade 5 (stand alone unit)

20160406_085055Self-Evaluation/Reflection: Video tape is a very valuable tool in demonstrating to students their level of performance in gymnastics skills. Video tape students and allow them to assess their performance for correct technique and to identify areas for improvement.

Athletics – Grade 3 (stand alone)

Self-Evaluation/Reflection:  Interview is an assessment tool that is very useful for assessing students understanding about a certain concept or skills. It helps students be reflective as they share their experiences on their own. In this task, students will choose one from five inquiry questions regarding athletics activities for them to explore and answer.

Central Idea: “Achieving our personal best in Athletics requires us to understand the specific techniques required in each event.”

Net Games-Grade 2 (stand alone)


Skills Performance/Reflection: In this assessment, students need to explore the different types of hand and racket positioning in net games, ways to hit the ball with control and reflect on the similarities and differences in some net games as well as their level of participation in most of the activities.


1. Formative assessment is a verb, not a noun. It’s an action performed throughout the learning experience, not some thing that students are given to complete at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of it. Peek over your students’ shoulders as they work, capture evidence of their progress toward the established learning target, and use what you learn to inform your feedback and what you teach next.