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Rubrics and Checklist

PYP PE sample rubrics and checklists

View some examples of ready-made rubrics & checklists for different units such as Gymnastics, Net Games, Territorial Invasion Games, Athletics, Adventure Challenge, Health & Fitness and Body & Spatial Awareness.

Rubrics & Checklists

Performance-Based Assessment in PE

Performance-Based Assessment Approaches & Methods: If you wish to get a copy of my prezi presentation, please let me know through “message board”.

Performance- Based Assessmentby performance based assessment, we are referring to assessment activities that directly assess students’ understanding and proficiency. These assessments allow students to construct a response, create a product, or perform a demonstration to show what they understand and can do.

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Adventure Challenge: Learning Journal (Stand Alone)

Ad Challenge

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Reflection: Learning Journal

Learning journal is a powerful tool for learning to empower learners to take charge of their own learning process by reflecting upon it on a regular basis and by assessing their own progress over time.

Students will be provided with a readymade journal template with guide questions for their reflection and self-assessment every after PE session.

Project Assessment: (Health and Fitness)- Integrated Unit- Who We Are


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Central Idea: “The cellular and the genetic composition of living things and the changes that occur at different stages make living organisms unique”.

Summative: Project Assessment: Physical Fitness BrochureStudents will create a brochure to summarize their fitness activities and its impact to body cells, tissue and organs and systems.