Planning an integrated unit – “Who We Are”

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Unit plan: Health & Fitness Grade 2 (integrated)

Reflection booklet: Health and Fitness Grade 2

Central idea: Making right choices and maintaining a healthy lifestyle contribute to human well-being
Lines of Inquiry:

  • What constitutes a healthy lifestyle
  • Right choices that contribute to human well-being
  • Impacts of choices of lifestyles

Concept: Function, Related Concepts: Choice, Systems

Learning Experience:
Health and Fitness

Objectives: Active Living:
Gr2.A.1. Recognize the importance of regular exercise in the development of well being.
Gr2.A.2. Reflect on the interaction between body systems during exercise.
Gr2.A.3. Identify healthy food choices.

Products Assessment:
Health and Fitness Reflection –Students to reflect on and evaluate what they have learned regarding heart health, nutrition, fitness, and exercise.