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  • Let's encourage them to inquire!

    Let's encourage them to inquire!

  • Constructivism- 5E's Learning Cycle in Physical Education

    Constructivism- 5E's Learning Cycle in Physical Education

Let's encourange them to inquire!

Let's encourange them to inquire!

I started using the 5E’s learning cycle adapted from 5E’s Instructional Model-a constructivist approached to learning 3 years back. I found it very useful in facilitating an inquiry-based teaching/learning.
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This is a guide for all PYP PE teachers in our school,we created this primarily to avoid overlapping of concepts and repetition of unit questions. This course outline is a great help for a new teachers to get on board easily. It includes: Programme, Portfolio and many more.
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Please share anything thing that you like because others will benefit from your idea. Feel free to join our Forum. Thank you..
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IB Learner Profile

IB Learner Profile

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) learner profile describes a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success. They imply a commitment to help all members of the school community learn to respect themselves, others and the world around them.
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Mark Barnes, the Founder of Times 10 Publication, explains 4 crucial lessons new teachers never learned which may impact our teaching career more than anything we ever learned in college. But for me as an experienced teacher, it is really important to note and reflect on the 3 items below as these really represent the urgent reform that education needs.

1–Rethink discipline. Almost everything you’ve learned about classroom management is wrong. In methods courses and pre-service work, you were most likely taught some kind of assertive discipline technique or, worse, zero tolerance policies. Maybe you were told that one size fits all, when it comes to rules. As a new teacher, you must build rapport with students, and you’ll never do this by writing names on the board, handing out detentions or demerits, or sending students to the office the first time they talk back.

The best plan is to talk to your students about building a learning community built on mutual respect. Tell them there are no rules and consequences and that everyone should expect to be treated properly and fairly at all times. When issues arise, deal with them individually and privately. Never embarrass any student. Stick to the plan of kindness and mutual respect, and you’ll never need Do’s and Don’ts.



Rubrics and Checklist

PYP PE sample rubrics and checklists

View some examples of ready-made rubrics & checklists for different units such as Gymnastics, Net Games, Territorial Invasion Games, Athletics, Adventure Challenge, Health & Fitness and Body & Spatial Awareness.

Rubrics & Checklists

Performance-Based Assessment in PE

Performance-Based Assessment Approaches & Methods: If you wish to get a copy of my prezi presentation, please let me know through “message board”.

Performance- Based Assessmentby performance based assessment, we are referring to assessment activities that directly assess students’ understanding and proficiency. These assessments allow students to construct a response, create a product, or perform a demonstration to show what they understand and can do.

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Adventure Challenge: Learning Journal (Stand Alone)

Ad Challenge

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Reflection: Learning Journal

Learning journal is a powerful tool for learning to empower learners to take charge of their own learning process by reflecting upon it on a regular basis and by assessing their own progress over time.

Students will be provided with a readymade journal template with guide questions for their reflection and self-assessment every after PE session.

Project Assessment: (Health and Fitness)- Integrated Unit- Who We Are


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Central Idea: “The cellular and the genetic composition of living things and the changes that occur at different stages make living organisms unique”.

Summative: Project Assessment: Physical Fitness BrochureStudents will create a brochure to summarize their fitness activities and its impact to body cells, tissue and organs and systems.